Earn Money Playing Games?

All over the internet, there are numerous articles claiming that you can make money by playing games on your cell phone. I must admit, I would get intrigued, and still do, to a point.

One thing I realized very quickly is that there are more scams and false claims than there are genuine apps. The thought of making money by playing games sounds, well, too good to be true. After years of trial and error in exploring this particular subject, I can say that making money playing games is, for the most part, too good to be true.

There are two exceptions, which I found, and still play, whenever I’ve got some free time on my hands, so I thought I’d share what they are for anyone who may be interested.


The first one is called, “Gamee”. It is a skill-based mobile play-to-earn app, which allows users the opportunity to play a selection of games to compete for tickets and real money. They work on in-app adverts, which players can use to double their ticket winnings. You need to collect 1000 tickets to be entered into the daily leaderboard draw, where the top 100 players win cash and GMEE tokens, which is their virtual currency. In addition to the daily leaderboard, there is a daily Lotto draw, where the jackpot is $10,000, together with a weekly draw in which the prize pool is standing at just over $1,000 this week. The top 110 players win cash in varying amounts, the winner getting the biggest chunk of the weekly prize. I have not been fortunate enough to win one of the bigger prizes. Gamee also has a lucky spinning wheel which you can spin multiple times a day to stand the chance to win tickets and small amounts of cash, the largest amount being $1. Another bonus is that if you log in and spin the wheel every day, once you reach day seven, your first spin unlocks the “Wheel of Cash”, which also allows you to win small amounts of cash.

Although chances are very slim of actually winning the larger amounts, I figure that considering the app is free to play, you have nothing to lose, even if it takes you months to build your balance up to be able to cash out, I see it more as a fun way to pass the time. You need to accumulate your balance to $10.01 to be eligible to cash out to your PayPal account. I have cashed out to PayPal before, so I can confirm that they do pay out.

I play under a pseudonym, Neon Harrier, for privacy reasons, but should you be interested in giving Gamee a try, it would be great if you would use my invite link, https://prizes.gamee.com/get/5zhw2jyk, which will boost my ticket and cash winnings when you reach level 5 tier in the game. For every new member you invite, your team grows, and you, in turn, are entitled to $0.10 and 500 tickets when they reach level 5 tier in the game.

Skillz by Tether Studios

Skillz has multiple gaming apps, offering popular card games, Bingo, and Dominos, to name just a few. My favorite of the games is called, “Spider Solitaire Cube”. Now, I must warn you, to play Skillz games to win money is possible, but there is a risk involved. The chances of you winning are 50/50. Skillz pairs you against other players of similar skill level to make it more fair, and you compete against these players in a one-on-one or group tournament setting for real money. If you are willing to take a “gamble”, you can deposit funds into your Skillz account via PayPal or credit card, and use these funds to play against other players in varying amounts. Skillz games also have the option to play free games, where you accumulate what they call “z”, and you use these z to play against other players. Once a day you get 5 free z as a login bonus, and, with Spider Solitaire Cube specifically, every day that you log in, you earn z, tickets, or bonus cash. On day seven of consecutive logins, for example, you earn $0.60 of bonus cash. Bonus cash cannot be withdrawn as cash into your account, but it can be used to play cash games, the winnings of which can be withdrawn as cash. The ticket system is also very appealing. You can cash in your tickets for prizes, or bonus cash. These games, especially when playing for money can be very addictive, so, full disclosure, you need to have self-control so as not to get yourself into financial trouble. Again, I play under a pseudonym for privacy reasons, but should you be interested in trying any of the Skillz mobile app games, if you use my promotion code, “KruisR”, we’ll both get a free $10.00 bonus cash on your first deposit, and another $5.00 bonus cash on your second deposit. That’s a pretty sweet deal!

Thank you to those of you who read this article, I hope you found it of some interest. If you are feeling generous, I am accepting donations to help kickstart my writing career, which you can pay into my PayPal account at beadsforjesus@gmail.com. I will also gladly follow anyone who follows me on Medium.

Happy gaming!




At 39 years old, I have been through my fair share of struggles and my goal is to share some of these struggles, in an effort to help others in need of hope.

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Robyn Clara Kasey

Robyn Clara Kasey

At 39 years old, I have been through my fair share of struggles and my goal is to share some of these struggles, in an effort to help others in need of hope.

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